Summer time – 6 months into 2015

A couple of months ago we mentioned having accommodated 300 + delegates for a week in Paris for a corporate event. Well, last month we had another one but this time in the city where we are headquartered, Barcelona.

The event was hosted in one of our partnered hotels during a week, where sessions were hold all days and activities planned at night. The 200 delegates visited a Barcelona based innovative marketing company, made a stop at the Fabrica Moritz and a wonderful diner at the Miramar while enjoying amazing city views.

But that was not all for June! Two weeks later our team was travelling to Cannes to manage all our accommodations at the 2015 Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Our clients seemed to really have enjoyed their stay in Cannes and we are proud to support all of them, Cannes Lions winners, judges and attendees.

June was a busy month at Destination Global and our team is now looking forward to a slightly more chilled time with summer ahead. Congrats to all the DG team members for the incredible work they realised these last six months for a year that looks to be on the path to become our busiest since the company was founded!

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