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Welcome to the official Destination Global!  We area company geared towards customer service that is friendly and extremely reliable.  So as we continue to provide our clients with dependable apartment and villa rentals in Cannes, we’re also offering a bit of travel advice and news about the cities where Destination Global operates (particularly Cannes and Barcelona).

While some of you are full time event planners and know Cannes better than your hometown, many of our clients are event first timers.  Therefore we hope most of you will find the information here useful.  Though Cannes and Barcelona are beautiful cities with much more to offer than just the confines of a conference center (La Fira, the Palais), business support services and apartment accommodation will be our focus here.  We’ll aim to answer the most common questions that come up while planning and attending conferences like MIPIM, MAPIC, or MIPCOM.  We’ll also be able to help you find the ideal apartment for MIPIM, MAPIC, MIPCOM and the like as well.

The secondary goal of our blog is to show you that we are, indeed, human.  We’d like you know us better.  So please ask us questions, provide us with feed back, and become part of the discussion!   We are a fairly small industry, so lets get to know each other.

- Destination Global S.L. concentrates in accommodation services for clients who require arrangements for apartment and villa rentals in Cannes, Barcelona, or Ibiza for conferences and trade-shows. In addition, the apartments and accommodations are fully serviced and supported by a variety of concierge services. –

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