About Us

Destination Global is a small and vibrant company based in Barcelona, Spain that assists clients from around the globe with their event-time accommodations.  Operating in it’s 9th year, our team consistently provides an honest and trustworthy service.

We specialize in accommodations in Cannes (France), Barcelona (Spain) and Hannover (Germany). Our large selection of central apartments and beautiful villas or hotel rooms allows our clients to get as close to the trade show as possible, whether it be the classic Palais des Festivals in Cannes, the Fira in the heart of Barcelona or the fair grounds south of Hannover.

We offer Studio Apartments, 1 Bedroom Apartments, 2 Bedroom Apartments, 3 Bedroom Apartments, Hotel rooms as well as our large villas that can exceed 10 bedrooms! Our goal is simple: locate our clients the perfect location to compliment their plans during tradeshows.

We have everything you may want: beautiful sea views, large terraces for entertaining, posh locations for soirees, professional locations for business meetings, swimming pools, barbecues, entertainment systems, garages, etc… All of our properties come fully prepared with all the amenities for a self-serving apartment. And if it’s luxury you’re looking for, then we have the perfect villa for you and your group!